Reference Partitioning on Star Schema: A Good Idea?

In my last blog post, I noticed that surrogate keys on a time dimension cannot be combined with partitioned fact tables in a star schema. Actually, there is a way to do that: With reference partitioning it is possible to implement monthly partitioned fact tables based on a surrogate time key. But is this a good idea?

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Time Dimension Keys and Partitioning

In the physical design of a star schema, it is recommended to use surrogate keys for the primary keys of dimension tables. Except for the time dimension. In Oracle data warehouses it is common to use a DATE column as the primary key. The reason for this decision and several alternative solutions are described in this post.

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My Conference Presentations on Slideshare

The Oracle OpenWorld 2014 just finished yesterday, but unfortunately I was not able to attend this great conference this year. Perhaps next year – who knows…

But I had the luck to give several presentations in the last few years on Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco, on the DOAG Conference in Nuremberg and on some other German conferences. Now you can find all these presentations on SlideShare. Because most of the slides are not brand new, my Trivadis colleague Silvana Bernasconi reformatted the older presentations to the current Trivadis PowerPoint template (thank you, Silvana). Nevertheless I promise: The contents of all these presentations is still up to date. Enjoy to have a look at and probably download some of the presentations.

An overview of all my presentations you can find on the Presentation page.