Dani Schnider

After finishing my studies in computer science at ETH Zurich in 1990, I worked as a developer with different technologies. Since 1994 I mainly work with Oracle databases. The first Data Warehouse project I was involved was in 1997. Since these old days, I learned a lot about Oracle and Data Warehousing. On my blog, I would like to share this knowledge with everybody who is interested in developing and operating Data Warehouses on Oracle databases.

Since 1999, I am working for Trivadis, a Swiss IT consulting company, currently as Senior Principal Consultant and Data Warehouse Lead Architect. Most of my time I’m working for customers in design, development, reviews or performance optimization of Data Warehouses. I’m a teacher for the Trivadis trainings Data Warehousing with Oracle and Oracle SQL Optimizer and Performance Workshop.

When I have the chance, I also do presentations on conferences or write articles and white papers for my company. Together with my Trivadis colleagues Claus Jordan, Joachim Wehner and Peter Welker I wrote the books Data Warehousing mit Oracle – Business Intelligence in der Praxis (2011) and Data Warehouse Blueprints (2016). Both books were published in German at Hanser Verlag.

Since December 2017, I’m an Oracle ACE, since 2020 Oracle ACE Director.

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