An Intensive Week in Colorado

In the last couple of days, I joined several interesting events in Colorado. First, I was able to take part of the “Advanced Data Vault & Ensemble Modeling Summit” at Genesee Academy. After that, I attended the first “Global Data Summit” conference in Golden, Colorado. And finally, I was invited to a very special dinner of the “Boulder Business Intelligence Brain Trust”.

Advems 1
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Advanced Data Vault & Ensemble Modeling Summit

Twelve Data Vault experts from different parts of the world met in Colorado for two days to exchange knowledge about Data Vault and Ensemble modeling. I expected a course where the two trainers, Hans Hultgren and Remco Broekmans, will explain us some special patterns of Data Vault modeling. Actually, the idea of this class was more to have an interactive discussion about some new ideas and modeling patterns and to find a common sense for future extensions of Ensemble Modeling and the next version of the CDVDM (Certified Data Vault Data Modeler) training material.

In these two intensive days, we had a lot of interesting discussions about Ensemble Logical Modeling (ELM), integrated Hubs, special types of Satellites, key concatenation, Keyed-Instance Links, status tracking Satellites and much more. It was not possible to discuss all topics in detail, but for some of the subjects, we had long and detailed discussions.

For me, the best parts of the course were the conversations with the other attendees during the coffee breaks (the coffee was “american-style”, i.e. watery, but the chats were good) and in the evening (with some self-brewed beers of Genesee Labs Brewing). Because there were so many interesting things to be discussed, we even organized a “bonus track” on Sunday afternoon, where we had an extensive session with Dirk Lerner about bi-temporal Satellites and PIT tables. Very complex, but interesting stuff!

Advems 2

The weekend was also fully organized with hiking (harder than expected with my jet lag and the high altitude in Colorado), karaoke party (I missed that one), bi-temporal discussions (see above), escape room (we finished it in 55 minutes) and of course some nice craft beers (my favorite was the “I(70)PA” of El Rancho Brewing Company).

Global Data Summit

After the weekend, the next interesting event started: The first “Global Data Summit” took place in Golden, Colorado. It was a small, but exciting conference with more than 20 presentations and client cases about data modeling, data science, big data, streaming, data warehouse automation and much more. Two keynote were presented by Stephen Brobst (CTO of Teradata) and Rick van der Lans (Founder of R20/Consultancy BV).

Gds17 keynote 1 Gds17 keynote 2
Keynotes of Stephen Brobst and Rick van der Lans

A highlight for me were the “5 x 5 presentations”, similar to TED talks. Twice a day, five speakers had to present an individual topic in five minutes. I know that it is much harder to speak for 5 minutes than for 45 or more minutes, and I was impressed that most of the speakers managed this challenge excellent.

Gds17 5x5 1
Len Silverston demonstrates (with his “victim” Hans Hultgren) what to do with all the data that is coming.

Gds17 5x5 2
Claudia Imhoff explains in 5 minutes how to lie with statistics.

Gds17 5x5 3
Hans Hultgren finishes the 5 x 5 presentations with a “psychiactric” speech.

BBBT Dinner

After the conference, we were invited by Claudia and Dave Imhoff to a dinner with some of the members of BBBT (Boulder Business Intelligence Brain Trust). The BBBT organization was founded by Claudia Imhoff in 2006 and organizes frequent product presentations with BI tool vendors for the BBBT members. The members are independent BI analysts, experts, consultants, graduate students or educators. Many of them live in Boulder and other parts of Colorado, but BBBT has members worldwide.

Bbbt dinner

The seven days in Colorado were intensive, but very interesting for me. I think I need some time to process all these impressions and to have a look at the conference presentations (especially those I missed during the conference). Finally, it was a pleasure to meet a lot of interesting people that I knew before or get to know during the different events.

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