Moving my DWH Blog to WordPress

End of year is usually the time period when I do all those things I always wanted to do, but never had enough time during the year. One of my “Christmas projects” this year is to move my existing blog to WordPress. Now, I’m proud to present you existing contents in a new layout.

When I started to write my first blog posts in 2011 (quite late, I know), the easiest way for me was to use the existing blog platform of Trivadis – the company I’m working for. The Trivadis Blog is a platform for all employees of our company that like to share their knowledge with other people. You can find there many interesting posts of my colleagues about different technical subjects. Therefore it was – and still is – a good place for me to publish my posts. All my future posts will be replicated to my existing DWH Blog at Trivadis.

But unfortunately the software of our blogging platform (Telligent) is a bit exotic and for my purposes not flexible enough. So I was looking for a more common blogging technology. I found it – like millions of other bloggers – on the open source blogging platform WordPress. Creating an account and a new blog on was simple, but how can I move my existing blog posts to this blog?

My assumption was that it is very easy to export all my posts from the existing blog and import them to WordPress. Good idea, but Telligent has no export functionality. Fortunately, I wrote all my posts with MarsEdit, a blog editor for Mac OS X. So, I have local copies of all posts and had just to send them to my new WordPress blog.


The only issue was the publish date: I want to see the original date when I wrote each post, not the date of the migration. After adjusting the publish date for each post and reformatting some of the code examples, my new blog Data Warehousing with Oracle is ready now on WordPress. It is a nice Christmas gift for me and hopefully for my readers, too. Have fun reading my posts!

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