Oracle OpenWorld: Meet the Oakies

In his OOW session, Joze Senegacnik called them ironically the “bitter old men”: the members of OakTable that still run queries on V$-views in SQL*Plus instead of using Enterprise Manager. But the fact is that they are not only some of the most experienced Oracle performance specialists and famous book authors, but also excellent speakers – at least those which I had the chance to see in a presentation.

On the Oracle OpenWorld 2011 I attended several sessions of OakTable members, and all of them were very informative and enjoyable:

  • Cary Millsap: Thinking Clearly About Skew
  • Christian Antognini: Challenges and Changes in the Oracle Database 11g Query Optimizer
  • Joze Senegacnik: Getting the Best from the Cost-Based Optimizer
  • Doug Burns: Performance and Stability with Oracle Database 11g’s SQL Plan Management
  • Cary Millsap: Instrumentation: Why You Should Care

Thanks to my Trivadis colleague Chris Antognini I had the chance to meet some of the OakTable members. In a pub near Moscone Center, Mogens Nørgaard (the founder of OakTable) and some other “oakies” were sitting around a table (it was not an oak table), drinking Margarita cocktails. It was a pleasure for me to chat and have a drink with some of the best performance experts in the Oracle world and to meet the people with the famous names I just knew from books and blogs.

Oaktablers The OOW badges of Tanel Poder and Randolf Geist

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